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Yesterday published a report about the Elisa. Jennifer provides a good view to the reader and we are happy about that.

'Cafe Elisa': Home-made treats in Eilbek

At 'Café Elisa' in Eilbek you get delicious cakes, quiches and empanadas out of the own backery in a cozy atmosphere. For that the owner Matias and his wife Daniela are in charge. That it could be delicious, guests already smell when entering the Elisa. Because the smell of freshly baked cakes and quiches flow through the café. The view into the display is accordingly impressive: lemon tarts cuddle up with berry tarts, cheesecake, banana bread and much more. Responsible for these many delicious calorie bombs is Matías Leon. The chef, baker and pastry chef runs the 'Café Elisa' together with his wife Daniela.

Jennifer Meyer

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