Our breakfast


How could you start a day better than with a good breakfast? Daily we serve to you various breakfast menus until 2 pm. Next to it you can linger a delicious coffee or a home-made lemonade.

Daily until 2 pm    
“Dulce” 1 Croissant & 1 bun with butter/margarine and home-made jam 3,90 €
“Herzhaftes” 2 buns with butter/margarine, sliced sausages and cheese, cream cheese, tomatoes, mozzarella, cucumbers and home-made jam 9,40 €
“Chile” (vegetarian) 2 buns with cheese slices, avocado und tomatoes 5,90 €
“Colombia” 2 buns with scrambled eggs,
cream cheese, sliced cheese and tomatoes, fresh fruit salad
7,90 €
“Vegan” 2 vegan buns with peanut spread, avocado tomato spread and tofu, cucumbers, fresh fruit salad 8,10 €
Scrambled eggs   2,90 €
“Müsli” (cereals) With vanilla or soy yoghurt and fruit 4,20 €
For our little guests    
Small cup with vanilla yoghurt   2,00 €
Small cup with fruit salad   2,90 €


In our complete range you find our additional treats to enjoy the whole day. For a more relaxing day book a table at our Cafe and enjoy the morning with your beloved people. Find further information here.